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Women responsible for the growing of HIV & AIDS epidemic.



Few facts:

•          Increasingly HIV &AIDS is striking women

•          A big percentage of people living with HIV are women

Many issues making women responsible for epidemic growth:

Women biological nature

•          Research says that women are at HIV infection risk 3 times than men

•          Protected sex is not easier for women in comparing with men

•          Pregnancy ( passing the virus to the baby)

The age of sexual debut

•          Women start sex earlier than men

•          Hormonal pressure

•          Environment

•          Social events


•          Women know less than men about HIV & AIDS ( ways of transmission )

•          The little they know is rendered useless by circumstances

•          Low level of education

•          They are not exposed to the information

Situation socio-economic

•          Poverty

•          Inheritance

•          Low self esteem

•          Fear ( rejection )

•          Status in the society


•          Women empowerment

•          Education for all ( women and men )

•          Gender balanced issues


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