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Social media is sweeping the nation’s agricultural community. I say community, because it has often been accurately observed that agriculture is a fairly tight-knit sector of our populace for a number of reasons. Ranging from a shared work ethic to an understanding of common challenges, concerns, and opportunities, farm and rural families have things in common that are definitively unique about their geography and occupational lifestyle. The emergence of agricultural communications expanding and thriving via these social media outlets has fostered a fascinating series of conversations, due in part to the new and growing challenges to food production in countries, farmers and agribusiness professionals are increasingly engaging in dialogue and debate online.

Media helps us to pass information at a fast speed and covers long distance. The agriculture sector is taking this opportunity to educate all its stakeholders, farmers’ are getting accurate information about new agriculture models, new diseases and how to be treated, new market for their production and where to get seeds. The idea could be helping farmers in remote area to get radios and learn how to read and write in the spirit of benefiting for the information passed through those radios and news papers

Countries in the different continents can get to find out what food crops and cash crops are grown in a particular country and therefore assess the economic comparative advantage of countries e.g. Uganda’s leading agricultural produce is Coffee, thus it can get what it needs from a nation producing it. Planning purposes for investors can be done, since you get to know the kind of agricultural system to engage early enough before committing your self to practicing agriculture.



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