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Landslides in Buduuda; What can be done?


soldiers in the extreme corner helping to look for dad bodies and other remains of a land slide in Bududa

soldiers in the extreme corner helping to look for dad bodies and other remains of a land slide in Bududa

Landslides occur when the slope stability becomes unstable due to a number of factors some of which are artificial and others are natural. These include; too much rosion, earth quake, volcanic eruptions, over construction, deforestation, blasting, over cultivation of slopes and removal of deep soil. It is more common in hilly areas.

For the second time, Buduuda,an area in Eastern Uganda experienced a mass landslide where by over 18 people were confirmed dead, 9 hospitalized and 72 survivors. The slide was triggered by a heavy downpour.

Nine victims of the landslide in Bulucheke had been referred to Bududa Hospital with serious injuries.
Also two villages of Namaaga and Bunakasala in the Bumwalukani Sub-county, Bududa District were reportedly completely buried.

After the last major landslide in 2010 in the same area, the Uganda government relocated most of the survivors to Kiryandongo District where they have been staying until now. However, some residents decline to relocate, arguing land in Kiryandongo is not as fertile as the one in their home area.

Several alarms have also been given to those living on the Mt. Elgon slopes but residents seem not to agree.
Many measures can be taken but the most important one is reduction of deforestation and over cultivation of slopes. For the time being, I have a feeling that the areas which are over affected in Buduuda need to re consider migration to other areas and put aside cultural differences.



  1. Anonymous says:

    It is very difficeult to convince people to move from land that their forefathers occupied to go to another land. Worse, is if where they are taking you, they do not want you there. This is the case of these Bududa people

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes it is hard to convince them but this is between life and death….They need to take a right choice

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