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The Trauma of Rape



Rape is one major problem that women regardless of their ages face. Even if men are sometimes raped, it is not as easy as their counterparts the women. This is because women are weaker and in most cases cannot fight for themselves.

When it comes to married women it is even worse. In most cases such women can hardly report because everyone will say your husband can not rape you. As such they end up keeping silent about the whole issue. It becomes worse when the rapist has an STD,HIV or if in the process the woman gets pregnant. What would be the explanation to the child? One wonders.

The results of rape are enormous but these are outstanding; Depression, an inability to enjoy anything, difficulty in sleeping, eating, failing to concentrate and take decisions, feeling helpless etc
The sad news is that over 54% of rape assaults never report to police either because they have been threatened or they are not aware of what to do. Some are even too poor and fear they will not be listened to.


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