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A Silver Jubilee to remember: at NVIWODA Entrepreneurship knows no age limit



Amidst pomp, glamour, humility and thanksgiving, NVIWODA celebrated its Silver Jubilee year in style and launch of its “School outreach Program  2012-2014  “Connecting Girls inspiring their Futures through Entrepreneurship” on the 16th June 2012 at Mengo SSS in Kampala. Through this program, NVIWODA has already reached out to girls in ten primary schools. It is a mentoring program, where  “Senior mothers” mentor and pass on moral, cultural skills including entrepreneurial skills to young girls in school.

Attended by hundreds of women across the ten districts where NWIVODA has touched lives, testimonies over testimonies of hard work, challenges, lifting each other  up and trying again, has seen women entrepreneurs emerge from ordinary grass root women to become successful entrepreneurs, landladies, business owners and role models. A wonderful exhibition of the products made from the skills that have been acquired through the years of trainings was testimony to the hard work these women put in.

The occasion was graced by Hon. Victoria Sebagereka also the chairperson Kayunga District Farmers Association as the Chief Guest. Other special guests included the President of NAWOU, the Former Secretary General NAWOU, the current Secretary General NAWOU, among other important dignitaries and friends of NVIWODA.

In her key note address, Hon Victoria  Sebagereka noted that as Women, it is important to remember where we come from and where we are going and NVIWODA had done just that. The documentary tracing the birth of NVIWODA from Mzee Ntulume’s (RIP) compound to the singing competitions and the birth of the current NVIWODA entrepreneurial spirit was an inspiring show. Hon  Sebagereka noted that for women activism to have impact, it must be dignified. Only with dignity can causes be achieved. She noted that we as women were losing the moral fiber. Traditionally women have been  “Role models in society” We as women should give back to society what it has given us. To be role models and inspire others.

As Uganda celebrates its Jubilee year, it finds organisations like NVIWODA leaps ahead in the socio- economic empowerment of women and families. With minimum donor  and outside support, NVIWODA has managed within its own resources to proudly grow to the level where it is now.

ImageCongratulations NVIWODA upon your 25 years!!

For more information about NVIWODA, http://www.nviwoda.wordpress.com

This article has been written by Janet C Achora.



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