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…of the suspected bomber and our Uganda Martyrs Day



I am complaining …

What lies in the mind of a killer? I am talking about especially those that stage bombs with intentions to kill thousand and if possible millions? Do they know what it means to be the sole bread earner? Do they know what it means to the widows and orphaned children left behind because wrangles they are not aware of? Let alone even in the know of?Today is 3rd June 2012. It marks about 125 years since Uganda started celebrating this day as it holds a significant space in the religious setting of the country – it is Uganda Martyrs Day.

Last week, our neighbor Kenya again fell victim of bombers. At first it was rumored that one of the bombers escaped into Uganda. And that he has joined the thousands that have gone to pay homage to the Uganda Martrys. And that his intention was to set up bombs there as well. Now, the headlines are screaming “be alert” with his picture posted out on all available medias. To make matters worse, the media this morning announces that two more have crossed into Uganda. Now if they can trail them like so, why not arrest them? why wait till they leave no rest?

This is an important day to many. This morning, as I drove to town, I realized that I was the only one who had cowardized enough not to go there. All roads are leading to Namugongo. No scare can stop them…

A part of me attributes this to: “if they could give up their lives at such a tender age for the sake of religion, then why can’t they go and pay their respects? Why cowardice because of a possible bomber?”

The energy is on and very strong…

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  1. ednah says:

    phew!! 7pm and there was no bomb!! Thank goodness and we also have to be even more alert lest they decide to place the bombs elsewhere …

    …i mean we have 3 of there in Uganda right now

  2. Best says:

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