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The Need for Communication



Proper communication is an essential skill for anyone to have for personal and professional reasons. It is a key element that drives companies to elevation. It is also important in keeping relationships. In any organized workplace, it is important that they communicate well in order to allow achievement   and completion of responsibilities.

To work well with others, rational exchanges of thoughts are essential in this industrial world. If the community cannot communicate well with each other, tasks will not be completed; people will be fighting and the work will drift without any proper direction.

In this era of communication, there are many tools that can facilitate communication inclusive but not limited mobile phones. The online environment also facilitate communication. They are many online applications where discussions can go on and facilitate good communication. These include blogs, twitter etc.  

However, communication must be well thought of, clear and brief to prevent misinterpretation of  ideas.



  1. ednah says:

    “proper communication” … this can be used for both selfish and public gains … call me paranoid …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Communication is the way to go

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